Duncan Allan McIntyre Murray 1884 to 1938

Born: 15/9/1884

Died: 19/8/1938

He married Ruby Richardson in July 1914 in Tinonee.

The Hugh Murray~Margaret Beattie Book1996 by their descendants:

Duncan lived at home and worked around the Kimbriki district where his grandparents, Hugh and Margaret Murray, lived.

There he was to meet Ruby Richardson, and they were married in Tinonee Free Presbyterian Church on 8 July 1914, by Rev S P Stewart.

After a few years at Kimbriki, Duncan purchased a property at Tinonee where they made their home, firstly  living in an old home and later in a new house that was built, with the help of his brother Ned.

Ruby and Duncan had two children Joyce Winifred [ b.31 July 1918] and Donald Richardson[b 17 August 1922]. Duncan was a dairy farmer, Cows were milked by hand, the cream was brought by spring cart to the cream boat “Sunrise” at Tinonee. He also grew vegetables for market and was one of the first to grow peas.

When his mother Catherine passed away, his father Archie lived mostly with Duncan and Ruby.

Duncan purchased the property called “Jump-Up” from his father and later he bought another portion of land from his brother in law J J Milligan. The farm was named “Glencoe”. His son, Donald, continued to own and farm Glencoe for a number of years before subdividing the property for sale.

Duncan took an interest in local affairs and enjoyed tennis, having a court at his home. His team was “Glencoe”, which was part of the Kookaburra Tennis Club.

Duncan was musical, a self taught violinist and a fine singer.

He was a devout member of the Free Presbyterian Church at Tinonee, being an Elder, Precentor and Superintendent of the Sunday School, encouraging many children to attend.

His Christian qualities were always evident.

He passed away suddenly on 19 August 1938, aged 53 years. He is buried in Tinonee Cemetery.


Obituary recorded in The [Hugh Murray~Margaret Beattie 1996 by their descendants – from the Manning River Times and Advocate for the Northern Coast Districts of New South Wales Wednesday 24 August 1938:

One of the saddest deaths that have occurred in the Upper Manning district took place on Friday  night last, when Mr Duncan Allan McIntyre Murray passed away at the age of 53 years. It was sad because of the suddenness and because he was one of the finest types of residents in that district.

Incorporated in his Christian name was that of one of the very old pioneer ministers of the Free Presbyterian Church in this district, one who laid the Church’s foundation, and the lives of none of the younger folk carried into effect the teachings of the Rev Allan McIntyre more than he.

He was an exemplary product of the teachings of the Free Presbyterian Church of Australia., in work and deed. It naturally follows that a man that was so imbued with the teachings of Christian principles enjoyed throughout the whole of his life the esteem and admiration of those with whom he came in contact.

He was not a man who carried the “long face” in regard to religion. He recognised that there was a time for the One and a time for relaxation.

His principal relaxation was tennis [ he was a member of the Kookaburra Club] and he was selected to play the day he died. It was not to be.

As a citizen of Tinonee, he enjoyed the highest respect, esteem and , it might be added, love of all with whom he came in contact.

Duncan Murray’s objective in life was to live honestly and be at peace with his fellow man, giving him, if needs be, all the assistance he could.

He was an ideal husband and father and he passed into the unknown, taking with him the only riches that the world can allow the dead to take away – the highest esteem of his fellows, and a memory that will be fragrant for many years for acts of kindness.

Such was Duncan Allan McIntyre Murray. He was a son of the late Mr & Mrs Archie Murray and was born at the Bo Bo. The Murray’s were one of the pioneer families of the Manning River district and their names have been at all times connected with the progress and advancement of the Manning River. None upheld their reputation worthier than the subject of this notice.

Some 24 years ago, he was married to Miss Ruby Richardson, daughter of those fine old citizens, the late Mr & Mrs Fred Richardson, of Kimbriki. Of the union there are two children: Miss Joyce Winifred Murray and Mr Donald Richardson Murray.

On the Thursday night prior to his death, he attended the 21st birthday of his nephew at Kimbriki, where he joined heartily in the festivities and made a speech characteristic of his disposition.

Subsequent to that, he went out to his car and sat in it, and when others came out he appeared to be asleep. Not being able to awaken him, he was taken to MRD Hospital, but he never regained consciousness, dying as peacefully as he lived.

In life, the late Mr Murray, apart from being a most worthy citizen of any community, was a devout adherent of the Free Presbyterian Church – the Church of his fathers. He was also superintendent of the Tinonee Free Presbyterian Church Sabbath School and was loved by all the children who attended.

In industrial life, he performed farming pursuits. After his marriage he took over Mr W Polley’s farm at Kimbriki, remaining there for a matter of 5 years. Then he purchased a property near Tinonee where he lived till the end came.

The remains were taken from the funeral parlour of Mr W T Howard Taree on Saturday afternoon to the Tinonee Free Presbyterian Church, where a very impressive service was conducted by the Rev M C Ramsay MA who afterwards officiated in the Tinonee Cemetery at the interment.

The funeral was one of the largest attended in that district for many years. A tribute to the life and work of the deceased.