History of the Museum

Tinonee Historical Society Incorporated became an entity in it's own right in 2003 and was incorporated in the same year. A building was purchased in 2002 for the society. The building was originally constructed in the 1940s for use as the last operating broom factory in Tinonee. It then closed in the early 1950s when the factory moved to Taree. The building subsequently became a residence and remained so until it was bought as a deceased estate in 2002 by Carolyn and Victor, our benefactors.

The late Jan Dyson (president 2004 to 2008) was instrumental in obtaining volunteer assistance from Mission Australia and Wesley Uniting Employment Services and together with the members of the museum worked for some months to prepare for public exhibition. It is largely due to Jan's determination, inspiration and encouragement that the museum and it's surrounds are what we see today. In October 2008 the museum was officially opened by patron and benefactors Carolyn and her husband Victor, both locally born and who now reside in the USA.

Premises and Artefacts

Since the opening of the museum, the Society has received other generous donations of artefacts together with many generous donations which have helped to create the current displays. The museum comprises of a number of rooms incorporating a sporting room, dining room, childrens bedroom and commerce room which also has on display items of war memorabilia. A workroom and kitchen at the rear of the premises are used by the museum volunteer staff. Various craft items together with local history booklets are available for purchase.

Heritage Garden

A heritage garden provides a peaceful setting to enjoy a gentle walk. The original Tinonee gaol cell and the detached rebuilt police stables provide an interesting insight into the ways of the constabulary of old. The original Tinonee Police Station is located opposite the Museum premises, but access is not currently available.


New members are always welcome. To apply for membership, please email the Museum and we will send you an application.
Annual Subscription: $10.00
Due: 1 June each year